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1| Pinched Earth: Mehmet Ali Uysal

Category : Land Art ยท by Dec 26th, 2013

Clothespin Landscape 01

Clothespin Landscape 02

Clothespin Landscape 03

This project titled “Pinched Earth” is located at Chaudfontaine Park in the outskirts of Liege, Belgium and was installed as part of the Festival of the Five Seasons in 2010. The artist is Mehmet Ali Uysal who originally study architecture in the 90’s prior to getting his Ph.D in fine arts from Hacettepe University in 2009.

The clothespin is 20 times taller than the average person with a mound that rises 20 feet above the ground as it is being pinched. You can see more of Mehmet Ali Uysal’s work on PI Artworks website.